Religion & philosophy

The children study a range of religions and Year 2, for example, looked at how Buddhism compares with other major world religions.

Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Lucy Ball, comments: “Conversations were in depth as children found out more and more of their own accord and shared the findings across the community – it is this process that really amazed the staff. They were highly motivated as they debated whether Buddhist symbols may have stemmed from Christian symbols. They argued about the value of a church, a mosque or a temple as the ultimate place where people go to ‘have a chat with their God’. They shared their printouts of Buddhist beliefs and honoured people such as Buddha. The support for their fellow peers was incredible to watch.”

According to our March 2020 ISI Inspection Report:

Pupils assert that they are encouraged to find their faith, not directed to any particular religion, but given the space and opportunity to decide for themselves, based on a sound spiritual foundation. They readily share their thoughts and opinions on moral dilemmas and, in philosophy sessions, pupils from Year 2 upwards reflect, with a maturity well beyond their years, on a number of philosophical ideas.