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Michaelmas - Week 6

Thursday saw a whole school focus on Mental Health with the National #HelloYellow day. St Peter’s was a sea of sunshine shades and the whole community started the day with a mindful, reflective assembly all about the importance of mental health. The children listened to stories told by young people who had suffered from mental health difficulties and how the charity Young Minds had helped them through their tough times.

Mrs Hughes then led a fantastic ‘Whole School Sit’- promoting how mindfulness can be used as a strategy to help children cope if they are feeling low or sad. It was wonderful to see the entire school engage with this national event, sitting for 5 whole minutes!

Children showed confidence in their knowledge of who they could talk to in an out of school if they were at any time feeling they needed some support.

Mrs Colwill finished the assembly with ‘Optimistic October’, a calendar of daily events that promotes positivity. We wonder how many children will achieve the daily challenges set.

Participating in such an event as #HelloYellow is paramount to the education of mental health difficulties amongst our children. Over £200 was raised for this wonderful charity, Young Minds, and a vital issue was highlighted.

Claire Wellington-Smith, Assistant Head

Naturally Thriving

Michaelmas - Week 5

We had Devon Wildlife Trust join us for an assembly on Friday. I was delighted to welcome Paul Martin, who is their Education Officer. He met our Eco Warriors after the assembly.

Our focus on wildlife has got off to a tremendous start with real excitement from the children in their nature theme classrooms. 5RC are gleefully tracking grey squirrels and Reception are coming up with fox-theme facts to bring into school to go with their fox masks! We have newly dug beds outside the Lower School for some planting and I enjoy updating everyone with my ‘Nature News’!

On Monday there was a hedgehog snuffling around as I came back from my choir rehearsal. I saw three beautiful deer in the field next to Abram Block as I walked Benji at 7.30am. I wish I had had my camera at the ready but they looked just like the featured image! As we go to sleep we hear the tawny owls calling to each other.

The school is in such a wonderful location and we are lucky to embrace nature on our doorstep. We launch our photography competition after half term and will be delighted to welcome Emma Solley to talk to us all about her photography work.

St Peter's prep students.

Catching up

Michaelmas - Week 3

A glorious week in Devon
 here at St Peter’s as we
 enjoy an Indian Summer.

Our new Heads of Sport gave 
their first match report last
 week and a good job they did
 of it too. Another great 
week for matches with some 
fantastic results – hard 
fought in the sunshine.

 year we have Heads of Sport
 for the first time and Archie 
and Taylor are impressing us 
all with their sportsmanship
 and leadership qualities.
 Well done – what a good 

This week I have 
visited Exeter School for Mr
 Griffin’s last Speech Day. Mr
 Griffin is Head at 
Exeter School and is retiring after 17 years’ service. It was a wonderful occasion. I was so proud to see
 two of our former pupils pick up their Academic Exhibition awards at 13+ entrees and to hear 
how well the other six who went to Exeter in Year 9 are getting on (very well indeed!). Some 
ex-St Peter’s pupils picked up Speech Day awards and their transition has clearly been a
 great success.

I have also visited Taunton School and it was great to hear of their new
 Dining Room development and Sixth Form Centre as well as to catch up with all the ex-St
 Peter’s pupils who are now at Taunton. They are doing well and fondly remember their 
time at St Peter’s – although they say that Taunton is a lot bigger!

A Good Head Start

Michaelmas - Week 2

Well – the first full week of term is DONE! Monday was a real wash out with torrential rain but the weather has just got better and better as the week has gone on with just a wonderful sunshiney Friday for our first Friday activity afternoon.

Hoards of children trooped past my window after assembly (where we announced the new Eco Warriors) – Year 2 enjoyed golden time on the adventure playground, a large group went off to play Futsal and another to play Lacrosse. There was drama and many other fun options enjoyed by all.

Our new assembly schedule has got off to a flying start with much singing and coming together. Well done to the assembly team – Mrs Ball, Mr Hoban and Dr Evans for putting on such a thoughtful programme this term.

Our pre-prep children went off to their swimming lessons offsite but there was also swimming here at school with the pool open for the next few weeks. Well done to the new families and children who have joined St Peter’s. I think that they have started tremendously well – starting a new school can, of course, be daunting so well done to everyone. Other highlights have been a Leaders’ lunch with my new Heads of School, Heads of Sport and House Captains. I have toured three families over the last few days in glorious weather and we have some taster days happening next week – the holidays seem like a long time ago!

Have a wonderful weekend with your families and remember next week to use the Drop and Go facility -NO NEED TO PARK!!!

Here are our new school leaders for 2019-2020. Very smart indeed!