Week 9 and all is Sublime

We all had marked the week beginning Monday 21 June in our calendars with red felt tip pens. It was supposedly this date that we all returned to ‘normal’.  All restrictions were lifted and we could stride off with confidence towards our sports days, residentials, school trips, productions and mass celebration events including Speech Day. 

Can you see why we worked so hard on completely changing the running order of our summer term calendar so as to squeeze these calendared items in as late as possible? 

Well, it didn’t quite pan out that way. The prolonged restrictions have meant some REPLANNING and then REPLANNING again… You all are experiencing this in your own worlds and in your own lines of work. Everything is so unreliable and quick moving. 

Well, it was all worth it….have you seen the photos of the kids on their residentials? Totally worth it. (Sorry about the washing pile, parents)!

Special mention to each and every member of staff out there this week and next trying adventurous activities alongside our pupils. You are amazing. 

I must also thank our very own DJ Budge, otherwise known as Mr Sam Budgett, Head of Co-curricular, who has, pretty much, singlehandedly compiled this week’s residential programme. He has been tirelessly booking and unbooking things since January 2020!  We salute you, sir. Let’s not forget the eagle-eyed Mrs Kate Hurley (and Mrs Squance and Mrs Harris) who dutifully checked and signed off all manner of mountains of paperwork in association with residentials. Believe me, when I say mountains, I mean mountains.

Do you really want to know the reason why we worked so hard to keep the residentials dream a reality?  Please read this previous blog about the importance of residentials. 

We hope that ALL the kids had a great time. A great time at their: beach days, open water swimming, sports days, residentials, school trips and events. 

What have I forgotten? 

Goodness gracious me … gotta go … we have Year 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 assemblies, showcases and drama performances to prepare for next week …

I can’t sit around here writing blogs, you know.

I have snuck around school ground corners, spying on all year group rehearsals and I can tell you that we are all in for a special treat. What talented pupils. What talented teachers. 

Spare a thought for Mr Hoban, next week. His contribution to each performance is critical and he is starring in nearly all the productions, assemblies, showcases and leading speech day performances. 

Let’s be safe. 

Let’s be relaxed. 

Let’s celebrate these children’s efforts and progress. 

See you next week. 

Mrs Ball 

Deputy Head Teaching and Learning