Libraries are a Lifeline

Written by Mrs Lucy Ball Deputy Head Teaching and Learning and Miss Petra Hodder-Williams, St Peter’s Preparatory School Librarian.

‘When in doubt, go to the Library’ is what Hermione Granger does and at St Peter’s Prep, we are lucky to have the beautiful Hub and Hublet for the children.  I asked Miss Hodder-Williams, our new Librarian, to write us a few words about how she had found her start at St Peter’s Prep School and how important she sees the Library environment in a school. 

As the new Librarian at St Peter’s, I am delighted that the children have been so excited to visit the Library during the post lock-down opening up.  

It is a joy to be part of this and, since I have opened up the Hub, children have visited with their classes and in their own time to search for books, to experience  searching for books and just enjoying the atmosphere. I aim to maintain a welcoming and calm space for the children to enjoy, both in their own time and during lessons, when they can browse and select books, read quietly or engage in activities. 

The enthusiasm amongst the children is widespread and I have been overwhelmed by how much they wish to be involved. Firstly, the Year 7 Librarians, who have been actively involved in choosing new exciting fiction, creating displays and summaries of the books, and promoting a love of reading to other children. The Year 6 Librarians have launched their Book Cover Design Competition, whereby they have created certificates and collected in the entries. An impressive array of artwork has so far been admitted. 

Visiting the classes to do story-time sessions has been a wonderful way for me to introduce some lovely books to the younger children and has been enormous fun. I have shown them this image below:

I am so excited about future activities in both the Hub and Hublet and being involved in further promoting a love of reading at St Peter’s Preparatory School.  The Literacy Trust states that “The school library can be about many things- it can promote and support leisure-time reading, contribute to the social development of students in the school and provide a place to study.” 

I think that all of these apply to the Library at St Peter’s, above all, it is a haven for all children to visit and enjoy.

If parents require a summer reading list or access to books then do get in touch: petra.hw@stpetersprepschool.co.uk