St Peter’s Preparatory School pupil, Kitty, in Year 6 attends Woodbury dance school, where she is currently studying her grade 5 ballet

To date Kitty has obtained distinctions in all of her grades. She attends 3 classes a week and is currently rehearsing for their annual ballet show “Pineapple Pole”. She also attends the Michaela Poulton school of dance, where she takes two classes a week, learning pieces for the up and coming ballet festivals throughout Devon and Cornwall. In addition, the school is in rehearsals for their annual show, where Kitty will be performing 3 solo pieces. Kitty also takes part in the following:

Western dance force – 1 to 2 classes per week.

Exeter Gymnastics club – 2 classes a week as she is in the competition squad and competes at various times throughout the year.

Ballet boost – monthly, which is an international vocational training course for aspiring dancers.

South West theatre ballet – where she has just performed as foot stool in their professional production of Beauty and the beast.

Creative theatre workshop – in school holidays.

Within St Peter’s Preparatory School, Kitty is currently studying for Grade 5 singing (ABRSM). In addition, she is a member of St Peter’s Players who are working on their latest production of Dazzle. Kitty is also a member of the Senior choir.