Silent.  Calm.  Busy.  Busier.  Busier still. Busiest!

These are the six words which I choose to describe the first six week of the Autumn term 2023, and in order!

The Autumn term 2023 has well and truly ramped up a gear in the last couple of weeks. These are such vital days of the school academic year.

We are currently at the tail end of ingraining working routines into your children (not that I am implying this is ever really completed)!  Good timetabling should allow pupils to ‘feel’ the flow of a week and we believe this is starting to take shape for the pupils.

We have been quickly and widely expanding the pupils’ ongoing development in their learning skills. You may have noticed a ‘step up’ in your child over the last few weeks, not only in their handwriting, their spelling or their approach to learning, but also in their general abilities of understanding how school life works and what we (the teachers) are looking for from them. We truly hope they are charged and inspired.

We have been allowing the children the space and time to get into their ‘groove’ with new group dynamics. There are lots of different sorts of group dynamics with which to familiarise themselves. We often watch all kinds of sparkle and magic of kindness and love at this time of term. As C.S. Lewis says:

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You Too? I thought I was the only one.” 

And whilst all of this is going on, we have also significantly stepped up the pace and pitch of each lesson your child attends.  We hope they are sleeping well as they sure should be tired!

So many times in these newsletters, I ask myself: ‘Do our pupils actually do any reading, writing or arithmetic!?!’  It would be easy to look through the latest (brilliant) edition of the Harefield magazine and think ‘All that these children do is be outside: canoeing, climbing, exercising and playing on beaches’; but, trust me when I say they do MUCH more than this.  Our academic provision at the school is vast and we are so proud of how the pupils have approached their learning this September into October, reaching out to achieve high standards and trying as hard as you could ask a child to try.

Parent notices:

  1. Attainment and Attitude to Learning grades will be with parents of Year 1-8 children, by the end of next week. These give you a good early indication into how your child is performing in all subjects.

  2. Please look out for some information to come on our yearly Academic data from Dr Evans.

    I am proud of the academic profile of this school. It does not just happen, it takes careful planning, brilliant teachers and motivated pupils to achieve this. I am super proud that in addition to this type of academic standard we also are always outside: canoeing, climbing, exercising and playing on beaches! It is a testament to those who are creative and brave in their teaching approach.

    Thank you for your unending support of your brilliant children and the St Peter’s community.


    Lucy Ball and Claire-Wellington Smith
    Deputy Heads Academic

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