Creative & Peforming Arts

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Creative & Artistic Exploration

Cultivating Music, Drama, & Visual Arts for holistic development

Pupils at St Peter’s have the opportunity to join four different choirs as well as various ensembles, groups and bands. There are informal ‘teatime’ concerts and larger events at school or locally, with some fun events such as the House singing competition.

All pupils enjoy an hour of drama a week with a specialist teacher in our Performing Arts room: a large, beautiful space equipped with a wall of mirrors for dance. The children take part in small, ensemble performances and are involved in backstage management. Large theatrical performances take place at local theatres as well as on-site at school. We believe that drama teaches key skills of confidence, adaptability and resilience and it is a subject loved by all.

Unleashing Creativity

Through performing arts

Performing arts, Music and Drama are at the heart of the St Peter’s curriculum. In our opinion, presentation skills and confidence in speaking to an audience are essential skills to develop and – combined with imagination – they can offer rewarding and inspiring opportunities.

Unleashing Artistic Potential

Creativity & expression through Visual Arts

We have a well-equipped Art Studio where the children have weekly art lessons and activities with a specialist teacher. Children make the most of our surroundings, with sketching and watercolour activities taking place outside in the summer and exploring various media and materials. Breadth of experience is key and children are encouraged to develop artistic ideas.

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