Autumn Term, Week 9

A Year 2 show and share assembly and the Year 4 heroes evening were real highlights this week.  The children showed such confidence and loved sharing their learning and their work.  It is always a joy when a child chooses their mum or their dad as their hero!  

It has been a wet week but there was some great U11 rugby on Wednesday and a well-fought house tag rugby afternoon for our Upper School girls.  Year 1 enjoyed wonderful sunshine on the beach and there was a very wet drop-off on Thursday morning! Following on from last week where I offered questions for the supper table on happiness, why don’t you try the game ‘Who Am I?’ when you are on car journeys or at home.  Children need to practise their creativity and their questioning skills and this game is great for any age.  One person chooses a person or thing in their head.  The other members of the family or group ask questions which can be answered only with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  eg. Are you an actor?  Are you in a cartoon?  Are you an animal?  They have 10 minutes to whittle down the correct answer.

Tanya Byron, a clinical psychologist, has written a wonderful book which I read over half term on tips for working on behaviour at home for parents with ‘tiny tearaways’.  This book, ‘Little Angels’ was linked to her television show of the same name.  There are lots of useful tips for parents of children who refuse to go to bed, tantrum a lot or are very fussy eaters.  Do take a read if you are interested. 

Charlotte Johnston

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