Books of Excellence

2PG came to see me today and squeezed into my office. They were very proud as they had created a class book which was inspired by ‘Dear Teacher’, a wonderful book of excuses about why a boy had not been in lessons and couldn’t come to school. The class book was laminated, spiral bound and it was so fantastic to read of their creative ideas: ‘I couldn’t come to school as I was busy “skooba diving”‘. “I couldn’t come to school as I was visiting a mer-unicorn…”.  I suggested we keep their book in the school library for other children to read. They liked this.

Following their visit, I welcomed in some pupils who have been entered into the Book of Excellence for outstanding work. Four had built the most incredible cell models for Science and one had created a beautiful laminated poster on fossil fuels and another had written a detailed analysis of the poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah. The quality of attainment and achievement across the school is hugely impressive. Here they are proudly showing off their work.

Charlotte Johnston, Head

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