Lent Term 2021 – Week 4

Congratulations to all of the children at home and onsite, to the parents who are at home working with the children and to those on the front line of the pandemic
response. Another week of the pandemic completed. I realise how challenging this all is, both as a parent and a Headteacher. Tom, now aged 18, was expecting A
Levels this Summer; a year that should’ve included 18th birthday parties and a fitting finale to his Upper 6th and all those years at school. He faces an uncertain few months, with no clear plan ahead.  Alice is at Exeter, now in Year 10, the first year of her GCSEs, which has been hugely affected by the current situation. Nothing yet about what those important exams will look like next Summer 2022 for her year group. There will be a long legacy for these kids. Peterhouse has now got a pool table and a dart board, so both of them will be highly skilled at ‘Pub Games’ by the time this all over!

Children’s Mental Health Awareness week starts on Monday and we have a huge amount planned. Thank you to Mr Budgett and Mrs Wellington-Smith. Families will receive an activity to do together each day, culminating in the Great St Peter’s Family Quiz next Sunday afternoon!  More details later in this Newsletter.

The news of the 8 March as a date for possible reopening of schools is good. We can plan for this and it gives us all something to work towards, even though it is much further off than we might wish. Many schools across the world are shut as Governments respond in different ways to the pandemic. The news of the vaccine means that we know this will be over; we must just be patient. A wonderful cartoon by Charlie Macksey (pictured) reminds us of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you to those who have sent in their entries to the Head’s Challenge. I loved the Lego models of your rooms; some were rather fantastical. Pictured above is Rose’s (Year 4), showing her kitchen and her garden. Next week sees a momentous ‘Dress-up your Pet’ challenge. If you haven’t got a pet, dress up your teddy.  Information on the activity programmes and how to upload your completed tasks can be found on the Activity Google Classrooms. Well done all! Thank you also for the Lip Sync Videos – what fun!

Wellington School has offered us an hour of ‘radio time’, so we will be having our own St Peter’s radio for an hour each week. Send in requests/dedications/jokes etc. and you can enjoy the music and have a Family Kitchen Disco!

And finally, something to make you smile! My attempt at Mr Budget’s Lip Sync Challenge…HELP! Don’t forget the Big Garden Bird Watch. Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Charlotte Johnston

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