Minotaurs and Madness

This week has predominantly been about the DRAMA! ‘Could it be that a bunch of 10 year olds could seriously put on ‘Hamlet’ for an hour?  Well the answer was a resounding ‘Yes!’. A tremendous production by Year 5 in the Wessex with songs, monologues, drama, lots of dramatic deaths and some wonderful comedy moments.  Hugo put on a very thoughtful and clever Hamlet while Caitlin put on a rather credible ‘mad’ Ophelia. The comedic turn of the Grave diggers played by Heidi and Stella were a welcome relief from the dark drama.  Everyone did so well. The audience and I were impressed with the maturity and sophistication of the performances – the sense of timing and stage presence felt. It was a triumphant night. Closely followed by…

The Year 4 production of ‘Greece goes to pieces!’.  The Year 4 production is put on at the Blackmore theatre in Exmouth.  A real theatre with professional lighting, sound, curtains, back stage etc.  What an opportunity for 8 and 9 year olds to have. And it was extremely accomplished.  The children were articulate, confident and put on a seriously entertaining performance.  The slow-motion wrestling, the rather terrifying minotaur (a fierce Edward), the cast kneeling to mighty Zeus (a very serious Monty raised up above them on a platform), Ariadne, a woman scorned (Emma in all her finger pointing fury) and the hero of all heroes Theseus (Jasper with great timing and stage presence) just to name a few.  All the cast had a moment to shine and congratulations to the staff for all of their hard work. Well done.

The Ball was an incredible evening. We are busy gathering pictures, but many thanks to the committee — what a night to remember!

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