Positive Observations

Over the last two weeks, I have spent the majority of my time observing lessons and what a treat that is.

Year 3 dissecting owl pellets, Year 4 preparing a persuasive advert for radio, Year 6 soldering and making torches in DT, Year 2 creating their own jungle dance in PE, Year 3 using Google Classroom on individual Chromebooks to answer Maths problems on time, Year 2 self-reflecting on what they could and couldn’t do when writing information texts about wild animals, Year 6 in an interactive lesson to learn about ordnance survey maps, Year 8 History investigation on sources – ‘Does ‘Bloody Mary’ deserve her name? and today, Year 6 English – using emotive language. What a busy school!

As ever I never cease to be impressed by the quality of teaching and learning that I see in the classrooms and also how engaged and active the children are in their learning. They love working together and positive behaviours for learning are really embedded.

It was Comic Relief last Friday. A talent show involving roller skates, singing and jokes was great fun. And a guess the staff from their baby photos quiz has been great fun, as well a fantastic cake sale! Thank you so much to Mrs Evans for organising. What a superstar.

Charlotte Johnston, Head

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