Summer Term 2022 Week 2

Last Friday, we held the first Harefield run onsite in two years.  When we were all at home during the pandemic, the Harefield run was a family challenge, running around their gardens or the local area.  Last year we had the run, but, as we could not have spectators onsite, we produced drone footage to share with parents.  This year, it was finally back and it was a triumph.  We had a brilliant number of race entries from parents, as well as the most support we have ever seen for the run.  We saw all of our school values on display.

The children had the opportunity to achieve by incredible endeavour, nurturing themselves physically and mentally and supporting each other with great enthusiasm.  The community were in full cheer, from children to staff and to parents and it was an incredibly fun event and atmosphere from the pop music to the delicious St Peter’s Cream Tea served on the front lawn. Thank you all for the support.  St Peter’s is BACK to what it does best!! And thank goodness for that.  Congratulations to Mrs White and her wonderful team as well as to Mrs Richards and the catering staff.  

We ran the Future Schools fair this week on Tuesday Evening with 18 senior schools in attendance.  There was a strong turnout from parents in many different year groups who all appreciated talking to the schools in person and being able to compare and contrast.  An extremely worthwhile evening.  My thanks to Mrs Jupp for her organisation as well as the Operations team. 

It’s been a great week. The pool is now open so please all (apart from Nursery) bring in their swimming kit.  Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine with your children.  Tennis, swimming, boating and revising are on for team Johnston. 


Charlotte Johnston


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