Trinity term 2021 – Week 1

It has been a week of glorious sunshine. Welcome back everyone to St Peter’s.

Unfortunately, we have had a slight delay with the swimming pool due to it not being in use for two years, but all is in hand and it should not be too long now.
Today, we enjoyed being altogether for the Harefield Run, in bubbles this year.  This is an event much missed last year (although everyone did brilliantly at
home). The school is alive with life, laughter, running and playing, as it should be. Well done to Mrs White and the team for a truly wonderful event. We also
celebrated Founders Day and there will be more on this next week.

Our new starters are well settled and we are all looking forward to the term ahead. For pupils in Year 7 and Year 8, please may I remind you to continue testing twice a week. It is hugely important. Thank you.

A note on haircuts. There are a few ‘flowing locks’ around, particularly from the boys. Out of the eyes and off the face, please, is a must. A trip to the barbers is necessary for some. I will be providing Alice bands and clips if not. Thank you.

Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs Charlotte Johnston

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