Trinity Term 2021 – Week 7

It has been a fantastic first week back after half term, with the new Sea Swimming sessions for the older children a resounding success.

Some brave souls deciding to go without wetsuits too! The new Edge Watersports venue on the waterfront in Exmouth has been brilliant and we have made the most of the facilities with changing rooms and hot showers being particularly welcome! Junior and Syncapeters Choirs (our Pre-prep choir) have sung together for the first time in 14 months. It was really quite an emotional experience to hear them sing again and we had our first Music Assembly with Lower School. Wonderful stuff!

We continue with frustrating delays onsite with the swimming pool and I apologise wholeheartedly for this. Progress, albeit slowly, is being made. We will let you know when we are ready for the big splash and I have promised the grounds team that, when it is done, I will jump in fully clothed with joy. We are also planning to keep the pool open in the Autumn term with swimming for all, as well as some fun with the new Water Polo set in the first half term. Years 1 and 2 will recommence with their offsite swimming lessons in the next academic year as well.

Next week, we start our transition meetings for parents. These have been brought forward to allow for ‘Expedition’ week, commencing on the 21 June, which is why they feel a little early. We will send details of the Google Meet to join and confirmation of timings. These will all be recorded for those who are not able to attend. At these transition meetings, you will find out the form teachers for next year. The form lists (which class your child is actually in) are still being worked on. These will be sent out to parents, as usual, on Transition Day on Monday 5 July.

There have been some questions with regards to pick-up and drop-off for September. We will be moving towards the following:

Morning Drop-off
Remains as it is currently as a very efficient ‘Drive by’. No parking on-site unless for a pre arranged appointment.

Afternoon Pick-up
15:30-15:55 Pre-prep only. Optional park and pick up at classrooms (Nursery up to Year 2).
16:15-16:30 Whole school drive-by pick-up for Nursery up to Year 8 for those not staying for Prep or activities.
17:00 Park and pick-up for all parents at Pre-prep classrooms or flagpole.
17:10-18:00 Late stayers park and pick-up from Harefield main house.

A note on events for the end of term. We are planning to go full steam ahead, as previously shared, unless there is a serious change to guidance from the Government on Monday 14 June. We wait, as you do, for further information and will communicate as necessary. All fingers and toes are crossed.

Please do read Mrs Ball’s blog detailing our latest standardised data for the school, showing quite exceptional progress and achievement over the year, despite the pandemic and lockdown. Congratulations to all.

Mrs Charlotte Johnston

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