Gentle Return to some Normality at St Peter’s

Mrs Ball reports on life at St Peter’s in Week 3, Michaelmas 2020

Favourite person to work alongside this week: Mrs Bruce Jones, when delivering the Reading Journey workshop. The fact that we had decided to record it in the moment made it all the more fun! Hilarious in fact. There are outtakes, but we refuse to share them!

Favourite part of a lesson observed this week: Miss Scott, with the most focused, silent table of ‘adjective and simile’ hunters you have ever seen.

Bravest boy on site this week is George, who’s experienced a new return to school with different ‘normals’ and a whole leg cast. Does it hinder him in any way at all? NO! “George get down off that chair!”

Biggest cheer at school goes to Year 7 pupils, when they found out it was pasta feast and salads back on the menu.

So many lovely faces, that we have not seen in so long were all coming back onto site this week!  Here is our wonderful squash coach back on court.

The sun continues to shine down on us, in our little corner of Devon heaven.

Curiosity, finding and presenting skills are being embedded in lessons and the engagement of pupils is improving at a very pleasing rate.

Week 3: done!

Mrs Ball 

Deputy Head, Teaching and Learning. 

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