The Good Schools Guide review published today

The Good Schools Guide has published a new review of St Peter’s Preparatory School today. A full report can be found on The Good Schools Guide’s website. This is the first review of St Peter’s Preparatory School since Mrs Charlotte Johnston took over as head in September 2016 and, as Ms Rachel Elliott (Registrar & Marketing Manager) says: “We are delighted with the plethora of lovely remarks made in the review. Everyone in the St Peter’s community should be very proud of this.”

Some of the stand out comments are given below:

“Amazing teachers. Exceeds expectations.”

“This is a school in very safe hands.”

“Lots of scholarships of all sorts, far more than you’d expect of a non-selective school, up to 70+ percent of year 8 leavers. Credit the breadth of the curriculum for this.”

Of Mrs Lucy Ball, The Good School Guide declares: “A teacher of remarkable good sense and bottomless dedication.”

“Many are the merits of the St P Bacc, but it’s the teachers here who are the stars of the show. We were astonished by the quality of those we met in this tucked-away corner of Devon, buried in greenery – fired up, very bright, very able. It is they, more than anything else, that make this school remarkable and explain why the children are working up to a year, some of them two years, above their level.”

“Music a longstanding strength, and boy is it good.”

“There’s nothing wacky about St Peter’s, it’s very trad. Good manners are prized, hard work rewarded. Seriously nice children.”

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