Thursday saw a whole school focus on Mental Health with the National #HelloYellow day. St Peter’s was a sea of sunshine shades and the whole community started the day with a mindful, reflective assembly all about the importance of mental health. The children listened to stories told by young people who had suffered from mental health difficulties and how the charity Young Minds had helped them through their tough times.

Mrs Hughes then led a fantastic ‘Whole School Sit’- promoting how mindfulness can be used as a strategy to help children cope if they are feeling low or sad. It was wonderful to see the entire school engage with this national event, sitting for 5 whole minutes!

Children showed confidence in their knowledge of who they could talk to in an out of school if they were at any time feeling they needed some support.

Mrs Colwill finished the assembly with ‘Optimistic October’, a calendar of daily events that promotes positivity. We wonder how many children will achieve the daily challenges set.

Participating in such an event as #HelloYellow is paramount to the education of mental health difficulties amongst our children. Over £200 was raised for this wonderful charity, Young Minds, and a vital issue was highlighted.

Claire Wellington-Smith, Assistant Head

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