Mighty Orchestra at Wellington School

What an apt name for an amazing day for our St Peter’s musicians! Last Friday, fifteen of our instrumentalists were invited to Wellington School to participate in the third of their ‘Mighty Orchestra’ days. Pupils from four schools, totalling 130 players in all with all instruments of the orchestra represented, joined forces to rehearse and perform four pieces from the orchestral repertoire.

The pieces included a ‘Star Trek’ medley, some programme music called ‘In a Persian Market’, the incredibly exhilarating work ‘Sabre Dance’ by Katchaturian and an especially arranged rendition of the song ‘Young and Beautiful’ for which the orchestra was joined by
three senior vocalists from Wellington.

The musicians were treated to sectional rehearsals led by instrumental specialists from Wellington, which gave them an opportunity to study their music in more depth and get some invaluable technical tips. There were then two full rehearsals, led by the conductor, the Assistant Director of Music from Wellington.

The sound produced by the full forces was incredible and the whole experience was uplifting, exciting and truly memorable for our musicians. Although some of the youngest and most inexperienced there, St Peter’s pupils really grasped the challenge of tackling the difficult music, responded very positively to the help given and acquitted themselves admirably.

We extend grateful thanks to Wellington School and their Director of Music, Mr Andrew Trewhella, for hosting the event, for the whole experience and their generous hospitality.

Mrs Mary Lowles

Photographs courtesy of Wellington School

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