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We’ve marked Mental Health Awareness Week, focusing on our connection with nature. Two things to ponder on …

Well, I have been on either drop off duty or pick up duty most of this week and I can tell you that I have had quite enough of nature! Well, maybe the wet weather – not nature itself! And do you know what? It is all your fault …


I think the parents do not know the No 1 St Peter’s rule. NEVER mention the ‘C’ word (cricket) … or the heavens will open! It’s just how it works!

We are so sorry for the wet kit this week.  It was that, or cancel things on our children again and we could not face doing that after the year they have had. They loved it and hated it all at the same time. St Peter’s kids still TRAIN when there’s RAIN and that is all there is to it. 

I thought I would try to capture, in this blog, just how fabulous these St Peter’s Prep School students are. Just how up for a challenge they are. How flexible. Adaptable. Brave. Charming. How hardworking. How kind. How caring. How robust. They are all so different and all have so much to give. They make me scream with laughter and cry with frustration; but, each and every one of them is unique and fabulous.   

Just some of the Year 6 ladies hoping that the professional photographer might snap them up to this crazy nonsense!

Darcey throwing herself into the Harefield Run, without stopping cheering for others, once, for two hours!!  #bestcheerleaderever and our Upper School pupils truly leading the way in the spirit of Founders Day.  My mind was blown during the entire Harefield Run and every child could not have tried harder.  It was, as Mrs Johnston rightly said, a very emotional experience. One of the best events of which I have ever been a part.  It was quite unbelievable and I was seriously proud of our pupils’ grit that day. 

Some of the Year 8 girls fundraising a few weeks ago. The Year 8s have had so many changes to their plans and have had to, at the tender age of 12 and 13, manoeuvre some real challenges, taking their entrance exams and applying for scholarships during a global pandemic.  In R&P this week I was reassured to hear that they are all so looking forward to their next steps. We visualised their first three to six weeks at their new school and our conversations led down all manners of paths! What a pleasure to see our Year 8s still thriving and taking opportunities, despite the restrictions.  They are still doing things for others and not themselves. 

Before the rain came, here is Year 7 pupil Sienna enjoying losing herself down memory lane. During R&P, we played in the forest as if back in forest school at 3 years old, reminiscing about our previous connections with nature. 

Here is Raz, Year 1, showing off his advanced cycling skills on Tuesday morning. It is not a bad way to start your day. Raz had travelled to school by bus and then his bike came out of the boot! We couldn’t resist letting him have a little pre-school ride. Joseph got his steps in before 08:20, too as he ran alongside Raz all the way! 

And, finally, here is Lucy and Rose from Year 1,  catching some rays before school got going. Note the pupils in the background, who had made an assault course from all their bags and coats!!! (I cannot think why their kit goes missing)? Our pupils really do make sure that every minute of the school day counts. 

I think ALL of this must epitomise connecting with nature is for good of your mental health. 

I am just so sorry that we all have to wave at parents via car windows,  instead of welcoming you all back onto site and you feeling the warmth and care here onsite for yourselves. Soon, soon, soon! It really is very magical and it gets totally absorbed into the fabric of you.

Looking forward to catching as many of you as possible for coffee mornings and afternoon teas and eventually for events and sports days. 


Lucy Ball 

Deputy Head Teaching and Learning 

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