Preparing for the School Holidays

The children are finishing their last term of school, and now it’s the preparation stage for the school holidays. Parents and primary caregivers are organising putting their ‘outside’ life on hold as the children need undivided attention 24/7. This, of course, is a time to be cherished, but it can also be very full-on. Here are some ways you can prepare for the school holidays.


Stock Up

School holidays can be tons of fun, but they can also be chaotic. To minimise the stress of last-minute trips out to the supermarket or the shops, it is best to stock up. Items such as baking ingredients would be great to have on hand, in case one day everyone is stuck for ideas. Having those in the house could mean it’s now a baking day!

two girls playing outside school with a rock

Variety Within Routine

Children have a firm routine when they are at school. Everything is laid out before them, and there is order, so they always know what’s happening next.

School holidays are obviously much more relaxed, but to keep some routine that they are accustomed to, amongst all the newfound freedom, will help everyone know what’s happening next. This is useful for both child and parent, as the expectations can be managed much more effectively.

For example, if the children know it is nap time after playtime, the parent can schedule in a rest or get dinner ready etc. Routine helps time management too, which is really important for the parent.

Plan All Together

The summer holidays are a time where family comes together to enjoy all sorts of activities and having an idea of what these activities could be will help preparation. Ask your children what kinds of things they would like to try or already enjoy, and write them all down. Having a budget in mind is also recommended, particularly so the children are aware of what they can realistically expect while they are choosing their activities.

boy laughing at school

Arrange Play Dates With Other Kids

Children are really used to being amongst their peers and seeing their friends every day at school. This is something that would ideally continue regularly throughout the school holidays. Children love to play with other children, and it can keep them occupied for hours! This can help the parents or caregivers get tasks done without having to worry about their children being bored or alone. Enabling the children to maintain those friendships too will help the transition back into school for the upcoming year.

two boys playing in a school park together

Activities Around The Home

Sometimes the idea of facing anywhere public in the school holidays can be more than a little daunting. The queues, busier roads and tourist attractions, getting children in the car with the right shoes on, and the cost of summer holiday activities can put the keenest of us off wanting to venture too far away from the house. So, with that in mind, preparing activities you can do around the house is a great way to keep children entertained and engaged, while staying home and keeping the cost down.

Arts and crafts are a fantastic way to keep your children’s focus while they engage in something enriching. All sorts can be used for arts and crafts. There is no need to buy fancy kits. The more materials ‘from scratch’, the better. From paper plates to string, children will be sure to let their imagination run wild. This is also a fantastic and healthy way of allowing children to express emotion.

a girl doing art work on a canvas at school

Let’s Get Children Outside

The summer holidays are a perfect time for children to do a lot more playing outside. Try a spot of gardening or let them explore what’s around. Games could be made up that are fun and educational such as flower identification, or bird watching. This gets children outside in the fresh air, having fun and learning all at the same time!

boy swinging in the tree at school with red wellies on

Here at St Peters Prep, private school Devon, we know that preparing for the school holidays can be a big task, so we hope these suggestions have helped with planning for your children’s school holidays.

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