Rosa’s Big Game

We would like to congratulate Rosa from Year 3 for her progress in the BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition 2017.

She reached the second stage of the competition and out of nearly 132,000 entries, she managed to be accepted for the 5,000 entry judging stage for the competition. That’s quite an achievement and St Peter’s is extremely proud of her.

She received a congratulatory message with details of her success in April.

Rosa has very kindly allowed us to reproduce her short story here for you to read:

The Big Game by Rosa, Year 3.

It was the big night – the premiership final. The stadium was filling up. People were pushing and shoving to get to their seats. As the teams were warming up the crowd was roaring with excitement. Jake was nervously excited, so excited it was giving him pins and needles. As he waited for the whistle he was surfing the web on his phone and he saw the latest news: An infamous kidnapper had escaped from a high-security prison and police were searching everywhere while specialists were trying to predict his next move. The stadium was ridiculously full and the noise in the stadium would give anyone a headache – Jake could even feel his seat vibrating. A while later, when the game was in full speed with one goal each and five minutes left of the first half, the lights started to suddenly flicker, and then shockingly it went completely black. The crowd stopped cheering, there was a scary silence and the footballer’s coaches were heard running onto the field.

Then an unknown voice was played over the speakers “wah ha ha” it boomed “I fooled you all” then all that could be heard was the low buzz of the speakers. Mysteriously, one by one, the crowd started to slowly disappear. Every time a person went a muffled shriek could be heard followed by the patter of very quick footsteps. And then all of a sudden Jake felt a pair of huge hands grabbing him. Jake screamed and swung his arms around, the hand let go of him and Jake fell to the ground. Jake’s vision became black. His eyes flickered open and the lights bright yellow beam shone upon him.

Jake tried to look around. He was tied up, in an enormous bundle of people. Jake found himself in a mysterious grey and creepy room. The people around him were wailing and screaming for freedom but Jake knew he had something that no one else had…a pocket knife. He cut through the rope in one slice and whispered, “be quiet” as he knew the unknown man must be standing outside. Jake crept through the door, and catching him by surprise hit the man on the head and tied him up. “I’ve got you” Jake bellowed, as the man struggled to escape. Jake looked at his evil looking face – he had done it, he had caught the infamous kidnapper! “Hooray”, everyone shouted, “Jake, you are a hero”. Everyone clambered back to their seats and waited for the game to start again.

As the chant went round, “Start the game again”, the man next to Jake shouted “where are the players?”. Over the speaker came the sound, “wah ha ha ha” and a shiver ran down Jake’s spine.

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