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Head of Houses here at St Peter’s is Miss Emily Hoare. She works tirelessly to arrange a wide range of House events for the whole community to get involved in.

Our houses are named after former Headmasters of the school:-
Wren (1882 – 1890)
Hodgson (1890 – 1913)
Falkner (1913 – 1942)
Lake (1959 – 1974)




At the end of Nursery, those pupils who are staying on into our Reception classes receive a certificate informing them of which House they will be in for the rest of their time at St Peter’s. Siblings always have a confident smile on their faces and say “I know which house I am going in to” … we keep families together and even try to follow on in family traditions (we have a high number of current parents who came to St Peter’s as pupils – we try to keep the household family traditions going).

All pupils and staff who work at St Peter’s are arranged in these four houses.There is a huge network of cross curricular house events throughout the year from House singing and table tennis to tug of war and House charity days. The House system offers LOADS of opportunities for FUN and a whole lot more besides …. this vertical mentoring helps children enjoy buddying up with pupils from other year groups that they might never have met if it weren’t for the House system. The Houses also supports our leadership programme by ensuring our oldest pupils plough back time and energy into the youngest pupils. They do so with such grace and humility – it is always ‘emotional’ to watch just what good teachers our pupils become.

So what does the House events add to the Teaching and Learning at St Peter’s?

Well, as they say, a picture paints 1000 words…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes in life there are more important things to think about than

“What is the learning intention for this event?”.

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