The Week of the Children

I am that ‘wally’ who, in any situation, looks directly for children’s faces; I always look straight into kids’ faces.  The baby in the stroller who is put in the corner.  The toddler who is daydreaming in the shop.  The staring 8 year old looking out of their car window.  The teenager who skulks down the pavement.  When I catch their eye, I try to give them my biggest and most genuine, warm smile. The silliest of faces or my friendliest wave.  I found the image below, which, for me, sums up of why I do this. 

This is why we should all look for the children’s faces. All of our children need to learn and KNOW that the world is good

This week has been a week of the children and, my goodness, don’t they deserve it? My message to them?  Well read on for my ditty …

Dear children,

Do good things. 

That is all. Just do good things and we will all win. No more judging. No more needing something in return. 

Just do good things. 

Immediately the world becomes a better place for everyone. 

Just do good things. 

Everyone will benefit. 

Light wins.

Life wins. 

You win. 

Come on everyone; let’s just do good things!

Just a little ditty that I wrote as I watched the pupils play outside my office on Tuesday.  Joy – yes.  Slight mania in excitement – yes.  But, ultimately, just good kids doing good things for each other. Sharing and caring. Fun and roaring laughter. It seems to me they naturally understand this ‘do good things’. 

Here is just one fine example that I have been lucky enough to witness this week: Rose P and Georgia G (Year 2) organised and completed a litter pick in the wild woods area all by themselves. 

Amazing selfless acts of goodness all around site this week. I write this on day 4 of our return to school site. It’s a great start.

It’s good to be back together.  This is a week for the children.  Hooray for these children!! No fuss; just straight back in and straight back to it.  On Wednesday morning you could have heard a pin drop around site with ALL classes settled and furiously busy. My kind of heaven.  (Yes, parents, these are exactly the same children that, one week ago were doing roly polys on your sofas, whilst trying to play the recorder with Mr Hoban!)  I don’t know what the magic of schooling is, but the magic is certainly alive and well here at St. Peter’s Preparatory School.  Any number of good things can happen and will happen. 

I leave you with this thought…

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