Food, Glorious Food

Keeping children fuelled for the day is an integral part of making sure they are active and keen learners. At St Peter’s, nourishment and ‘refuelling’ is a serious (and delicious) business. 

A key part of the prep school experience is learning to be responsible and an independent thinker, making decisions to manage oneself. This is very carefully and deliberately planned and built into all aspects of our children’s day, even when it comes to food. Children must learn to manage their personal needs to truly grow into self-sufficient and confident young adults, ready to tackle the challenges of senior school from Year 9. 

This starts with learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What you put into your body dictates how well you can focus and how much energy you feel for the day ahead. Set snack and meal times are woven into the school day, along with obvious food and water points around the school site. There is always a plethora of fruit available to pupils for snack time. Water bottles can be refilled at a range of stations around the school. Every pupil must drink water with their lunch and only water is served. 

Our talented catering team cooks up a storm in the kitchen. Pupils must have a ‘Red’ (protein), ‘green’ (a salad or a vegetable) and ‘yellow’ (carbohydrate) when they make their lunch choices. The catering team also offers a selection of fruit and yoghurts, in addition to some absolutely delicious puddings. We encourage healthy eating habits by adopting a family dining style: staff and pupils sit together, enjoying their food together and talking about the day so far. Even our youngest pupils in Nursery benefit from this sociable style of dining. It ensures our staff can make sure that pupils are eating well and pass on any concerns to our pastoral team. Pastoral care is not just limited to the classroom. 

From boarders’ breakfast to lunch, match teas, trips and events, St Peter’s pupils have a wide variety of tasty and nutritious food available. It’s all about trying new things, fuelling the body for the fun and excitement of a St Peter’s day.  A huge thank you to Diana and her catering team for every last heavenly morsel!

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