Teaching and Learning: Robust Learning

This week, I write with five photographs that have stood out to me over the past couple of weeks. 

I entitle this: Robust Learners, a phrase that one of our inspection team recently used to describe our children during an informal conversation.

I think they show: 


Teaching and Learning Robust Learners

Year 7 and 8 pupils sat and waited to tour new families at our last open day in October 2019. The photo shows them holding school maps with different tour routes drawn on them. So keen were they to represent the school well and carry out the tour ‘correctly’, they studied their routes and practised what they were going to say!



These photos show Reception children playing (making wishes) patiently on Exmouth seafront, on the chilly February morning of the ITN filming. The film crew had not quite reached our little spot on the Devon coast and so the children also chilled out in my car, sheltering from a cruel wind.  They maintained a cheery demeanour throughout!



These pupils asked and asked for a slot on the weekly activities programme so they could teach Drama games to younger children. Their email to me was utterly professional and very enthusiastic. Here they are working during their own free lunchtime to help and support other pupils. 



L. Ball
Deputy Head, Teaching and Learning

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