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Education Insights
6 Benefits of Team Sports at School

In the dynamic landscape of school life at our independent school in Devon, team sports not only add a splash of energy and competitive excitement

Education Insights
The Benefits of Smaller Class Sizes

Whether your child works better in smaller groups or just wants an engaging education, smaller classrooms can offer numerous benefits for both students and teachers.

Education Insights
The Benefits of Private Schools

Nurturing your child’s education is one of the most important investments you can make for their future. Deciding where to send your child requires a

Education Insights
What is Kinaesthetic Learning?

How does your child learn best? It is important to discover the best way your child learns, whether that’s inside or outside the classroom. Kinaesthetic

Education Insights
Why Digital Literacy is Important for Children

Different technologies and the many possibilities of the online world have rapidly become central parts of our daily lives. This ever-changing nature of the digital

Education Insights
The Benefits of Co-Education

St Peter’s Prep is a non-selective boarding school in Devon, offering a high-quality educational environment for children from Nursery to Year 8. Our pupils are

Education Insights
Why Is Nursery Education Important?

We all dread (or look forward to) the time our little one finally reaches the age to go to nursery. It is around this time