Teaching and Learning: Teamwork

Here at St Peter’s, we pride ourselves on how well we work as a team. I thought I would leave you to enjoy your half term break with the following hilarious sequence of photos.  I saw these Year 7 girls as I went to check the lost property boxes.  What do you do when some of your peers are at a Gala rehearsal, your match does not start for another 45 minutes and you, suddenly (and rarely), find yourself with a full half hour of ‘free’ time?   Well, these girls decided to use one piece of equipment (a plastic chair) to demonstrate and practice their trust activities that they had learned the previous week. 

Obviously, I remember this ‘team’ of girls in Pre-prep and in Lower School. I am now so impressed with them as our Upper School students. 

This quote sums it up for me. 

Happy half term to all.  See you in a week ready to go again!

L. Ball
Deputy Head

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