Teaching & Learning: 6 Images

Every day I carry my camera.
I always have it on me so I can snap the incidental and the spontaneous. This week I share with you my six favourite photos from across the week.

Two girls trying to work out how they could further label a physical map of the United Kingdom. The giggling was infectious when they (from memory) struggled to name many features of their own country. The names were on the ‘tip of their tongue’. The more questions I fired at them – the more laughing took place. We identified that we are becoming reliant on using secondary sources to support our learning that when this type of support tool was taken away – our memory failed us. Answer: Much study and hard work and some memorisation techniques will be taking place – the girls (and class) are really up for the challenge.
That conga keeps happening. Randomly. At different times of the week. I do not get it. A couple of pupils just start singing …’Let’s all do the conga….Let’s all do the conga’ … and then all of the children stop what they are doing and join in…
We try our hardest not to stop it (but then they actually start running still gripped together like the photo shows. Then we have to get the plasters out and then the tissues out and to be honest it turns into a bit of a nightmare)!
BUT – who cannot stand back sometimes, when it is calm, and watch all of our children totally immersed in a shared moment. Whoops of joy for children and goosebumps and watery eyed smiles for staff.
Mr Reynolds is completing his iPGCE at St Peter’s this year and the photo on the right was taken in an excellent PE lesson whereby ball skills were modelled, practised and presented back to peers. Lots of great technical language being used and children exploring just how incredible and powerful their own bodies are.
Last Friday’s assembly with a special visit from Sir Walter Raleigh (left) made me giggle in many ways. It was a bonkers one! A wonderful way to bring children’s attention to a very local event that has played a significant part in all of our histories. Don’t forget you can enter into the Raleigh 400 Board Game competition – See Mrs Hughes for more detail. (I know Falkner house has a few ideas up their sleeve as a mass collaboration – more info to follow)!!!


Talking of Houses: on your right is what a House meeting looks like. Yr 3-8 pupils. Another community opportunity that creates another bit of magic. Here is Falkner House meeting each other and then playing a ‘get to know you game’!

How accurate that almost all of my favourite moments ever snapped involve those pesky children. They are everywhere! The paperwork can wait … (Sorry if part of this paperwork is an email to you – I am getting to it)!

L.Ball, Deputy Head of Teaching & Learning

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