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Performing Arts Faculty Vision Statement

The Performing Arts Faculty is built upon the belief that the ability to perform in front of others is a key ingredient throughout all tiers of education and in later life.

Encompassing the Music and Drama departments, as well as linking with the English, Physical Education and Religious Studies curricula, the Faculty aims to create a culture at St Peter’s from the very earliest years that performance, either through speech, mime, music or dance, is a natural social interaction which should hold no fear for the young pupil but a meaningful occasion to be celebrated by both performer and audience alike.

To this end, we offer the following opportunities to our pupils:

  • The busiest prep school musical performance calendar in the South West, with up to 35 different performances per academic year
  • Dramatic performance opportunities at every year group from Nursery to Year 8
  • A seasonal cycle of religious events and services at local churches
  • Regular visits and performances within the wider community (e.g. care & residential homes, church concerts, arts festivals etc)
  • Annual performances at the Devon Performing Arts Festival
  • Performances on a professional stage (The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter) and at leading amateur venues (The Blackmore Theatre,
  • Exmouth & selected senior private school theatres)
  • A team of sixteen peripatetic music teachers for individual music tuition
  • Four choirs and six other music activity groups to cater for most instruments and abilities
  • Music examinations (ABRSM) on site every term and English Speaking Board Grade 1 & 3 examinations in Years 3 & 5
  • House instrumental and singing competitions during the school year and a performance poetry competition in Year 8

Participation in all performing arts events, whether at school or under the pupils’ own initiative (e.g. being a church choir member), is held in high regard by the school and duly represented across our Baccalaureate.

In this way, we are confident that we will educate our pupils to invest themselves fully in performances and thus realise the true performer in themselves.

Mr Hoban is our inspirational Head of Faculty: Performing Arts. He is the strength and power of the Music and Drama departments with an endless supply of ideas, visions and theories about the best way to support children to access Performing Arts and other areas of our curriculum.If anyone ever sees these talented teachers around site looking a little frazzled or dare I even say ҂stressed҃ – then you know a production, performance, concert, showcase, event is happening. The thirst for excellence in this Faculty Area holds no bounds and we are incredibly lucky to have such a committed team to the cause.

Similar to the Creative Arts, which I wrote about recently. The Performing Arts are in danger of being squeezed out of the curriculum – Performing Arts are also vulnerable to not being held in high enough esteem.

The learning we see around St Peter҃s in Music and Drama is spellbinding and all year round.

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