Teaching & Learning: Reporting and Praise

It’s ‘reports’ time of year for the staff team as I write and Years 1-8 are due to receive their full reports this week. I would like to know just exactly where this term has gone? I think I can only describe it as a blustery whirlwind of fun, learning and experiences. I am not sure I can remember a busier Lent Term.

It is not a pretty sight in the staffroom, I can tell you… it is a hugely busy end to term and we have all felt it this year. There is so much to report to parents. The children do so much, achieve so much and say so many unbelievably important things in a day, week, term and year that we could not begin to report fully on them and their learning.

– How do you share the kindnesses shown?
– The successes in individual lessons?
– The ‘yeehaa’ moments that we share with our pupils?

These things are near impossible to describe in a formal report and are more appropriate for face to face conversations – the informal touch base or the more formal parents evening, the ongoing certificates, badges, awards, the flagpole, the path – this type of reporting is different to our written midterm full reports. These midyear reports should prove to be a useful snapshot of where your child is and where they are going, so enjoy reading about your child and their achievements and improvements.

I wonder if I might talk reactions…

Children seek praise. Please, please please celebrate your child’s report and see the positives. This is REALLY important to them. Yes, there will be plenty to work on, and next steps advised, but please pause and praise the positives with your child. Any issues with the report can be discussed in meetings following the Easter break – there should be no surprises and the reports should tell you how your child is working and how their learning is going. Praise sentence starters below may help manage your praise for your child. Use the report to start some really positive school conversations. Enjoy.

Examples of Praise

Good for you!That’s really nice!
Superb!That’s the best ever!
You did that very well!That’s great!
You’ve got it made!Way to go!
Terrific!That’s the way to do it!
That’s not bad!That’s quite an improvement!
Couldn’t have done it better myself!Good thinking!
Marvellous!You’re really going to town!
You’re doing fine!That’s better!
You’re really improving!You haven’t missed a thing!
You’re on the right track now!Fantastic!
Now you’ve figured it out!You outdid yourself today!
Outstanding!That’s the right way to do it!
That’s coming along nicely!Well, look at you go!
I knew you could do it!That’s RIGHT!
Good work!You must have been practicing!
You figured that out fast!Keeping working on it, you’re getting better!
I think you’ve got it now!You remembered!
I’m proud of the way you worked today!That kind of work makes me very happy!
Tremendous!You certainly did well today!


L.Ball, Deputy Head of Teaching & Learning

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