How Children Can Make the Most of Technology

In our modern culture, it is undeniable just how important technology is to us. From medical advances to helping us to learn about the world we live in, technology has so much to offer! We think that it is important for children to engage with technology on a regular basis, setting them up for the future and preparing them for the innovations to come.


Technology at St Peter’s

Here at our independent primary school, we regularly engage our pupils with technology because we find that it keeps their interest and motivates them to learn. With access to Chromebooks and regular IT lessons, we aim to prepare our pupils for the next step in all areas of their schooling. For example, in year 8, pupils are tasked with completing a ‘Mars Coding Challenge’, where they can put the coding skills they have learnt over the years to the test. This project requires them to build an algorithm to make their Mars Rover move across the planet and collect data from specific points. This challenge is both fun and educational, providing a competitive race to the finish which is a highlight of the year!



With evenings, weekends and holidays all needing to be filled with fun activities for the children, it can often be a struggle to think of a variety of things to keep them entertained. However, we think that apps are a great way to get them learning and keep them entertained. We know that many families have a family iPad or tablet, which, you may or may not know, can be equipped with a fantastic range of hugely valuable learning tools. Here are a few of our favourite apps that the kids will love:


iMovie/Book Creator

These two apps are fantastic for engaging a child’s creativity. They can engage with projects to create their own films, review books or even create their very own stories. These programs are fairly simple to use, yet will challenge each user to test their skills to create the best outcome. The children can play around with adding their own photographs, drawing pictures, adding sounds and then present their project to you at the end of the week! Why not ask them to film their own news segment or weather report? You can all have fun playing around with the different elements of these apps and have a great time doing so!


E-readers & Audio Books

There are some incredible interactive books available for children on both tablets and e-readers. The excitement of being able to use these devices will often encourage children to want to read more, which will enhance their learning. Whether you embark on reading a story together each evening, or send them off to sleep with an audio book, all of these activities will be beneficial in helping them to retain information. You can take your pick from a wide range of fiction or non-fiction stories, many of which are even free, and enjoy the adventures told within the books.


Google Earth

Google Earth gets more interesting on an almost monthly basis. As the app expands its range of locations and innovations, you can walk through Roman cities, climb mountains and even interact with exhibits in the National Gallery from the comfort of your home! This app is incredible and allows all to enjoy the wonders of the world at their fingertips. Where will you visit on your next adventure?



There is a wide range of apps that can help out with revision and learning outside of school hours, ranging from basic nursery level up to GCSE level and beyond. The interactive games, activities and lessons engage a child’s interest and can help them to put an idea into context, enhancing their learning. You can even learn to code through some of these apps; a skill that is predicted to be one of the most sought after in education over the coming years! has some fantastic apps which are available for iPads, the links to these have been included below.


Numeracy Apps:

Literacy Apps:

Apps to help with Learning needs

Pre-Prep computing and Coding Apps

Wonderful Topic Apps

Romans/WW2/Geography etc. etc.



If you do not have a tablet or an iPad, there are many equally beneficial resources that can be accessed through a laptop or computer. From basic programs such as Word and PowerPoint to more advanced options such as photo manipulation and video editing software, and that is not to mention the educational online programs and games! These resources are available at the click of a button and should be utilised throughout a child’s life to help them to grow and learn alongside their in-school education.

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