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St Peter’s pupils with their Head
Guides & Tips for Parents
What is a PTA & Why Should You Join One?

Parent Teacher Associations help ensure schools can maintain strong relationships with parents and build a better environment for pupils together.

Group of students gardening
Guides & Tips for Parents
How to Eat Seasonably as a Family

We explore exactly what seasonable eating is, its benefits, and how to start eating seasonably as a family.

Guides & Tips for Parents
How Can I Teach My Child To Be More Independent?

Encouraging children to become more independent is vital for personal development. Independence allows children to be resilient, builds their confidence, gives them a sense of

Guides & Tips for Parents
How to Help Your Child Settle at a New School

Embarking on a new academic journey can be exhilarating and nerve-wracking for children. Transitioning to a new school brings many emotions, from excitement to uncertainty.