5 Easter Crafts for Children

Easter is an undeniably delightful time of year. With birds singing, lambs bounding across the Devonshire countryside and the Easter bunny on the way, there’s a lot to love about this season.

Here at St Peter’s Prep, it’s one of our favourite times of the year, as daffodils spring up in the woodlands surrounding the school, creating a charming golden picture.

The Easter period also provides a fantastic opportunity for your children to express their creativity by exploring arts and crafts. Take a look at some of our favourite Easter crafts for kids to enjoy!

Decorating Eggs

This classic seasonal activity is sure to get your children egg-cited about Easter. You can use real egg shells or a fake craft egg – both will give the same results and provide endless opportunities to get creative.

If using real eggs, you’ll need to remove the white and yolk without damaging the shell. This can be done by carefully piercing a hole in either end of the shell, then blowing the inside of the egg out. Then, carefully wash soapy water through the egg shell and leave to drain.

After prepping the eggs and crafting area, you can paint your egg any colour of the rainbow, stencil on Easter themed designs or coat in your favourite glitter, feathers or cotton wool.

If you don’t want to use real eggs, there are also plenty of paint your own egg kits out there for children to decorate. Who knows, your budding artist may create the next faberge egg!

Craft an Easter Wreath

Using a paper plate or cardboard as a template, cut out the centre of the plate and use this as a base for decorating. Cut, stick and glue your fabulous patterns and designs onto the wreath until the paper plate or cardboard is hidden from view.

If you’re feeling really inventive, you could cut up old egg cartons and then fill each cup with egg or floral themed decorations. Complete the wreath by fixing a ribbon or bow to the top so it hangs proudly in your room of choice.

​​A white and grey rabbit

Make a Nest

All of those Easter eggs you’ve been decorating need somewhere to call home over the Easter period. Firstly, paint a paper bowl your colour of choice. Then, take pieces of shredded paper and glue them down firmly onto the plate.

You could also recycle some paper packaging often found in delivery parcels or use real sticks from the garden for a more authentic look. If you want to give the nest even further stability you could weave pipe cleaners amongst the paper shredding. Finally, add feathers. We’re sure your little eggs will be kept safe and warm in their new home!

Create a Bunch of Beautiful Daffodils

Easter and beautiful flowers go hand in hand and daffodils are particularly abundant at this time of year. Why not recreate their beauty in card or felt at home?

There are a few ways to create these floral sensations. The most tried and tested method is to paint a lolly stick for the stem of the daffodil, cut out your yellow petals and finish off with a cupcake case for the centre of the flower. Now you can enjoy a bunch of daffodils all year round!

Craft Your Own Cards

Easter is a great time to send friends and family well wishes. Why not create some of your own hand-made cards this year to pop in the post over the Easter holidays?

Create a card based on your favourite Easter-time animals such as a lamb, bunny or chick. You could even include a sweet message inside such as ‘some bunny loves you’, for example.

Some creative card ideas include a chick cracking out of an egg or using a potato as a stamper to create an egg shaped painting on the front of the card. Perhaps you’d like the Easter bunny to pay your loved one a visit; you can always fold his long ears so they’ll fit nicely in an envelope. The possibilities are endless!

Hopefully, our simple Easter crafts for kids provide you and your family with loads of fun this season. If you’re looking for more Easter holiday activities, take a look at our Easter inspired recipes to try at home.

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