Why Family Time is Beneficial for Your Child

Some of our favourite memories imprinted on our minds are from spending quality family time together. It’s a favourite pastime for our loved ones of all ages, even teenagers can have some fun.

But family time isn’t just important for fond memories, it’s also crucial for supporting positive development for children. At St Peter’s Prep, our private primary school in Devon, we recognise the importance of family time and would like to explore how it benefits your child.

A daughter painting with her father

Strengthens The Bonds Between The Family

As is, family time is renowned for it’s precious time that allows the family to get to know one another as children grow.

This time together helps to nurture strong emotional bonds. It allows the family to acquire skills such as adapting well to situations together, which makes sharing one another’s interests even more enjoyable.

Develops Communicative Skills

Communication is an incredibly important skill to acquire, it can easily be encouraged just by asking how their day has been. By implementing family time you’re creating an environment that nurtures natural development and curiosity.

Family time also helps to create an environment that practises communicative tools such as discussion, debate and problem solving. These lay down the foundation for your child to learn conflict resolution.

A family walking with their dog

Encourages The Growth of Their Self-esteem

When children feel loved and valued by family and friends it allows them to develop a positive sense of their self-worth. When family participate in activities together, this reinforces the foundation and growth of their self-esteem.

Develop Skills That Follow Through to Friendship

The communicative skills that are applied throughout the time spent together as a family will help support how your child will make friends and interact with others. It will nurture your child’s people skills as they will adopt the social behaviours of the family.

A mother helping her son use a computer

It Supports Their Academic Achievements

Due to the communication skills aquired during group activities and time together, family time allows them to develop the skills necessary to listen, learn and ask for help.

A great way to demonstrate how much you care and support their academic achievements is to spend time working together or assisting with homework and assignments.

A family spending time together in a kitchen

These are only a few ways that highlight the importance of time spent together. There are endless options for activities such as:

· Reading together
· Playing board games
· Walking
· Bike rides
· Gardening
· Homework

It doesn’t matter what activity you do, as long as it promotes a discussion and enjoyable environment. Why not share your family’s favourite activities with us on our social media channels? For more advice and information, you can browse our blog!

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