How Does Growing Seeds Benefit Your Child?

Gardening offers many invaluable lessons for children, and helping them learn how to care for plants is extremely beneficial for many areas of their lives.

Here at St Peter’s Lympstone, we know that extra curriculum activities are essential to a child’s overall development; that’s why we like to make the most of our beautiful 28-acre site. Normally, on Friday afternoons, our pupils experience a whole host of activities, including our own Beach School, Forest School and Gardening Club.

If you want your child to be familiar with nature, read on to discover how growing seeds can help your child’s development.

Cress growing in eggshells

Indoor or Outdoor

The great thing about helping a child learn how to nurture a plant is that it can be done anywhere. Whether you have a garden or not, it doesn’t matter.

Certain plants, such as cress, can still thrive indoors. So, if you don’t have the advantages of a garden, it won’t limit you!

Do your research on plants that can be grown from a seed and choose those most suitable for you!

Fun Learning

As one of Devon’s top private schools, some may presume that we are biased towards learning! Granted, this may be true, but the combination of both having fun and learning science that accompanies growing plants from seeds is undeniable!

Nurturing a seed requires many aspects of scientific care, which is sure to invoke curiosity in your little ones:

  • ‘Why do we water the seeds?’
  • ‘Why do we try and give the seed sunlight?’
  • ‘How long will it take to grow?’

Prepare for many inquisitive queries (maybe read up on some answers if you’re unsure), as looking after your seedling will no doubt require some explanation.

Observe Progress

In a world where most things are available to us almost immediately, growing a plant is a wholesome activity that can’t be rushed and can only be done at the seed’s pace.

Children can witness the plant grow over time, observing its progress and recollecting where it started from.

As adults, we all know the enormous sense of satisfaction when we see our hard work eventually pay off.

Growing a seed into a plant represents this and can offer a huge feeling of reward. And if the plant doesn’t thrive in the end? This is also a massive lesson where children can reflect on what they could have changed!

Little green shoots growing in soil

Instills Patience

That being said, growing a seed naturally teaches children about the need and positivity of patience.

Not only does nurturing a seed over time instill patience, but it also familiarises children with the concept of time, such as months, weeks and days. As they count the days the seed has been growing, it also exercises their maths skills.

Teaches Care

As children understand what their seedling requires, they will gain a sense of care.

Introducing small responsibilities such as those needed to grow plants can support children in gaining a sense of independence, which helps increase their feelings of self-confidence.

It also sets in a small routine for them to follow which they can apply to other aspects of their lives, including their own self-care as they grow up.

Environmental Consciousness

Furthermore, growing a plant from seed also teaches care in the more powerful sense of environmental responsibility. As children understand what is required to produce a healthy seedling, they will also consider what is needed for a healthy environment.

A Potential Lifetime Interest

Growing seeds entails a vast amount of knowledge which can spark other curiosities and interests. For example, you gain skills in botany, chemistry, maths and meteorology.

Each time your little one grows a seed, they will be eager to see what they can grow next. Learning how to be self-sufficient, who knows, it may be something they will want to keep up even through adulthood!

For more inspiration on how to make the most out of gardening and how to get your child involved with gardening, click on our blog below.

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