The Importance of After School Activities

When you are a child, there is an abundance of new experiences to try and be enjoyed. As we get older, these choices can often become limited, either through accessibility or choice. Here at St Peter’s, we value the importance of allowing children to experience a wide range of different activities both during school time and after, with the aim of having a positive impact on their lives. Below we discuss just some of the many benefits your child gains from taking part in these after school activities.


Exploration of Interests

After school activities open opportunities for children to try something new and explore their interests. With a set curriculum and a limited amount of time out of school, after-school activities provide children with the chance to experience different tasks, practise new skills and give a broad range of tasks a go. This trial is within a comfortable environment, as for most of the time, they will be in an area with which they are familiar and with people with whom they have already established relationships with or have seen around the school before.


By exposing your child to as many activities as possible, you are offering them a variety of areas of potential interest. Allowing them to try something new frequently invokes curiosity, and ultimately, could lead them to have a new hobby or skill that they can then enjoy throughout their school years and later into their adult life.


Promote Self-confidence

Allowing and encouraging children to make decisions and communicate their preferences, likes and dislikes about after-school activities instils self-confidence. It inspires them to explore their interests and be more willing when a new opportunity presents itself in their lives. Not only does it promote self-confidence, but it also supports a ‘can do’ attitude as children will be less likely to be overwhelmed by failure and will be more willing to try something new in the future.


After school activities also provide identity and focus out of the ordinary school day. Having direction and an interest that they are passionate about is hugely rewarding and beneficial, it encourages self-motivation and gives them a purpose in their life.


Encourage Independence

As most after-school activities are optional, your child can take it upon themselves as to whether they enjoy it or would like to continue. It challenges their commitment levels and encourages them to take responsibility for their decisions and accept the results of those choices. When your child has come to these conclusions, recognition from parents is advised, as it encourages your child to continue to be independent in their decision making.


Develop Skills

As previously mentioned, after-school activities give children the opportunity to try something new. Through doing this, they are likely to pick up new skills that they may not have acquired without attending, in an environment they are comfortable in.


More Time to Socialise

After school activities allow children to spend time with others whom they may not previously have been friends with. These new friends may be a different age, from another class or even a different school. As children experience a wider variety of social situations, they are likely to have an improved self-assurance and positive outlook about interacting with others.


Practise Teamwork

Many after-school activities consist of teams. Teamwork is an integral part of many aspects of life, and it is essential to promote the value of such a vital skill at a young age. Learning how to work with others is a skill that can be developed, by continually being in situations that require it. Teamwork is important at school, at work and it helps children to make friends and keep them throughout their life.


Reduce Screen Time

By encouraging children to take part in other activities, away from their screens, such as after-school activities, the amount of time they have to use their devices is limited. Although technology can be beneficial for a child’s development, it is important that it is allowed in moderation and that staying active and enjoying social relationships are promoted.



We have a broad range of sports activities to choose from at our private school, Devon. From swimming and climbing to dance and sailing. We value the importance of sports and games in schools as they develop character, promote teamwork, improve well-being and ensures that a healthy relationship with sports is developed. With so many benefits of staying active, attending additional after school activities which involve exercise is only positive for your child.


St Peter’s Prep offers a broad range of after-school activities, which enable children to learn and try something new. Our volunteering and service activity encourages contribution to the local community, whereas our mindfulness and yoga teaches reflection and self-awareness.  With such a variety, we are sure your child will find something they’re interested in and will enjoy.

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