November Welcome!

It’s great to be back and see everyone again, after the October half term break.  Let’s work together to stay in school this half term, in the run up to Christmas. 

Firstly, how could it not be mentioned? 

WELL DONE CHIEFS! Devon stands proud. 


Back at the ranch … 

Things have settled quickly at St Peter’s.  We’ve introduced a brand new timetable, which has been rolled out this week, meaning Monday 2 November should have felt like the first day back in September. Alas, in true St Peter’s style, pupils and staff alike have risen to the challenge and nailed it! Smooooooooooooth …… (ish) … 

We had just one clash with Year 1 French and Music lessons; because of an earlier lunch slot, we had to move these lessons to earlier in the day. I thank Mr Hoban and Mrs Connock for their flexibility in moving lessons. Sorry to mess you about Year 1 staff and kids! They had only just said ‘Bonjour’ and ‘We wish you a merry…’ before we swooped in and stole them to their lunch slot! That is the pace of school life sometimes. 

In a week when Year 4 are presenting their ‘Heroes’ projects, I would like to present my own Heroes. Thank you to Mrs Kate Hurley and Mrs Claire Harris for their deep understanding of the running of the school and their influence when designing and rolling out the November version of our timetable. Thank you for all your blood, sweat and tears. It has been necessary to keep the timetables fluid to fulfil both DfE regulations and Covid secure logistics, hence why it must feel to parents that their child keeps having different lessons on different days! 

Mrs Hurley, Mrs Harris and myself are HOPING that this is the last set we have to write for some time! 

So after all that hard work, as well as designing a duty rota and an activity programme, we now have a fully functioning school, with wraparound care from 08:00 until 18:00. Every child is trackable and traceable. Every class has a broad and balanced curriculum. Days are balanced. Weeks are balanced. Faculty areas are balanced. Every subject is represented. 

The children will still experience the St Peter’s experience but with unavoidable Covid restrictions. Phew!


Now …. Here comes Mrs Ball’s first telling off of the parents of the year.



  1. If you require ANY provision between the hours of 16:00 and 18:00 then –  BOOK your child in through the office by emailing

          Do this on a daily basis or weekly or even let us know what will be happening all term!  The more advanced notice we have the better.  We will take your                  information, amend registers immediately, communicate to staff who need to know and take all complications away from you. 

         We ask that you do not verbally inform staff at drop off.  It is so difficult through traffic noise and with masks and such information can be forgotten!

         Choose whatever time slots you would like and let us know if your child is intending on attending any activities. Bus users will be already booked through                 the transport office.  If you are in any doubt, please contact the main school office.


     2. Stick to that booking! 

        Our footstep count is hitting 20,000 with the walking up and down the path for children who are booked into latestayers and then parents arrive early. 

       We understand things don’t always go to plan!  If there have to be any changes (and we do know things can change last minute) please phone the office on               01395 272148 or email with details just as soon as you can. We will communicate the change of plan to teaching staff. 

       We totally understand how fast life moves (even whilst in lockdown) and we have provision in place for these situations.  


Final thought in this week’s blog goes to Mr Edmunds, who joined us and teaches one of our Year 2 classes this year and already feels like part of the St Peter’s furniture.  I popped into his classroom earlier this week and witnessed what can only be described as heavenly focused learning. The lesson was Maths; they were completing a number investigation. Pupils did not see me come in the room (nor did Mr Edmunds)!  Such was the quality of the small targeted group learning that I quickly grabbed my camera. Even though it was about 6 minutes of my hectic and jam packed week, it was also one of the moments of my week that made me really rather happy. 

Have a great weekend and make sure you have a family chat about what everyone is doing next week.

Remember …  

  1. BOOK IT!

End of telling off.  You are all brilliant and I thank you for your unending support in these difficult times.

Thank you to everyone who has already booked in this week.  


Lucy Ball 

Deputy Head Teaching and Learning.


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