The Ultimate Child Safety Tips for Firework Night

Bonfire Night is an exciting evening that many look forward to, regardless of how old you are!

It is a night to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while feasting on hot jacket potatoes and delicious toffee apples, and, not forgetting, mesmerising displays of fireworks in celebration of the failed gunpowder plot by Guy Fawkes.

COVID-19 and Firework Night

This year, with restrictions continuously changing, it is likely that large, community events for Bonfire Night will be put on pause. Alternatively, many families will be opting for a night spent at home in their own garden.

Here at St Peter’s Prep, we understand the importance of family time at our private school in Devon. We have provided some essential safety tips that will ensure the whole family is having fun, while remaining out of harm’s way!

A girl wearing winter clothes including a hat and mittens

Stay Warm and Dry

November isn’t renowned for its crisp and dry weather, so it’s likely to be a damp evening! Make sure all family members are prepared, wearing warm coats, hats, gloves, scarves and some wellies to keep your feet nice and dry!

It is likely that if children are staying up past their usual bedtime, they might become tired and cold, so make sure to be prepared.

Create a Safety Zone

Whether you are watching fireworks or enjoying a bonfire, all children must remain a safe distance away. Fires can spit, and fireworks are notoriously unpredictable, so keep the youngest at the safest end of the garden.

You could introduce a point in the garden where the children aren’t allowed to cross.

When lighting fireworks, ensure that they have been angled away from spectators, especially rocket fireworks.

Always Supervise

Children should always be supervised on firework night. Whether by the fire, watching the firework display or handling sparklers, a responsible adult should always be on hand, overlooking the evening’s activities.

A firework exploding in the sky

Firework Safety Tips

Children should never be allowed to help light fireworks or a bonfire, and should always remain as a spectator, at a safe distance away from the fireworks and bonfire.

Consider Noise Cancelling Headphones

For apprehensive children, it may be best to purchase noise-cancelling headphones so they can enjoy the visual display without feeling frightened by the noise.

Purchase CE Marked Fireworks

Ensure that the only fireworks you use have been awarded a CE mark. They should only be used one at a time, and when they are waiting for use, they should be maintained in a closed box.

Lighting Fireworks

Ensure that any instructions have been read before lighting each individual firework and ensure that you light a firework at arm’s length while using a taper. Ensure any naked flames, such as cigarettes, are kept away from fireworks.

Finish the Night Before 11pm

On Bonfire Night, 5th November, any firework displays should be over by midnight. If you are planning to set off fireworks on another evening, any displays must end at 11pm, as a legal requirement.

The Golden Rule

One that you may be familiar with is to never return to a lit firework. Sometimes they can take a while to light, and you mustn’t re-approach it if you are unsure.

A small bonfire

Bonfire Safety Tips

There should be one adult responsible for the safety of the bonfire. The location of the fire should be far from any potential fire hazards, such as trees or a wooden fence. Below are some additional safety essentials if planning your own bonfire:

● Try to make sure no one is wearing loose clothing, and if children have long hair, ensure that it is tied back.
● Keep a bucket of water close by, just in case.
● Put out the fire with water at the end of the evening and don’t only rely on it burning out.
● Never use paraffin, meths or petrol on a fire.

Two adults holding sparklers

Safety Tips for Sparklers

Sparklers are much hotter than you may initially assume, especially for young children. An adult should never give those who are under the age of five a sparkler as the temperature from a sparkler is extremely hot for them.

Below, we provide some recommendations to ensure optimum safety of participants when using sparklers:

● Always remain present if your children are using sparklers.
● It is advised to light each sparkler one at a time.
● Ensure your child is wearing gloves, ideally leather ones when holding the sparkler.
● Sparklers should always be held at arm’s length when being lit.
● Ensure the child knows not to wave it at other people.
● Put the sparkler in a bucket of water and leave it there when it has stopped burning as it will still be hot.

It is also essential to ensure that children know to never put a sparkler in their pocket or to pick one off the floor.

What are your family Bonfire Night traditions? We would love to know; why not share them with other parents and us on our social media channels?

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