How Can Parents Get Involved in their Children’s Learning?

Learning doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. Being involved in your children’s learning has a lasting impact on their education.

This blog may be particularly helpful for young children in pre-school education, although as everyone develops at their own pace, this guide could help parents with older children too.

If you want to further support your child, here are some tips on empowering them on their educational journey.

How Involved Should You Be in Your Child’s Education?

It can be hard to find the time with how busy life gets. School staff should collaborate with parents to create a supportive learning environment for children both within and outside the classroom.

However, it can be hard to know how to engage in your child’s academic life while also fostering independence. If you’re scared of overstepping, here are the proven benefits of parental engagement:

  • Children stay in school longer.
  • Children achieve better learning outcomes.
  • Children are more engaged with their school work.
  • Parents can improve relationships with their children.

Steps You Can Take to Help Your Child At Home

A happy home environment is the most necessary factor for academic growth. But if you’re wondering what non-intrusive steps you could take to incorporate parental support at home, here are some tips:

Create Time and Space For Studying

Creating a personalised study space away from household distractions can drastically improve concentration. Practising times tables or reading a passage from a book can help children to absorb the information that they’re learning at school.

If you want some ideas on how to do this, here are some fun ways to help your child with reading.

Set a short amount of revision time to create a clear boundary between work and play (add ten minutes every year and adapt depending on your child’s specific needs).

Help With Homework

Assisting with homework can turn something potentially boring into a bonding experience. Sitting with your child and solving problems together empowers them and will keep them up-to-date with their classes.

Encourage Your Child

Encouragement is vital to giving your child a sense of achievement. After working on something, children want recognition for their efforts. Try to validate them! This will inspire them to continue working hard. Here are some ways that you can reward them:

  • Stay positive. Offering verbal support can set them on the right path.
  • A bit of pocket money can go a long way.
  • Be patient. Don’t punish them if they find something difficult.
  • Tasty snacks are always a plus.
  • Give them space to unwind when they’re finished.

Steps You Can Take to Help Your Child At School

If you’re wondering how you can extend this support to your child while they’re at school, here are some steps you can take towards doing that.

Communicate with Teachers

Openly communicating with teachers will bolster your ability to understand your child better. Certain moods and behaviour can be understood better if you understand their context.

Join the PTA

Joining St Peter’s Prep School PTA is a great way to get in contact with staff and other parents alike. The PTA helps to raise money for school events throughout the year which creates solidarity between parents and boosts overall morale. Your child will be proud to have such an inspiring role model.

We hope that this guide will help you to play more of an active part in your child’s schooling!

For more ideas on how to get involved with your child’s education, check out our blog on maintaining your child’s learning over the school holidays.

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