Healthy and Easy Picnic Snacks for This Spring

Spring is in full bloom, and with social restrictions easing, you no doubt want to get out and about. Here at St Peter’s Prep, spending time in the great outdoors is important to us at our private primary school in Devon, and a family picnic is a fantastic way to enjoy time with your loved ones!

We offer some delicious picnic food ideas that should please everyone’s taste buds while providing healthy meal ideas!

Layered Colourful Salad Pots

A straightforward picnic snack, these colourful salad pots can be individualised to contain your child’s favourite veggies, so you know they will love them!

A transparent food pot plays a significant part of this recipe’s excitement, so try to colour coordinate them in a rainbow format to make them as appealing as possible.


Your child’s favourite vegetables such as green beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sweetcorn and pepper. Cook appropriately in advance if needed.
Cooked pasta
Tuna if desired – feel free to mix with mayonnaise, yoghurt and chives for additional flavouring.


Once the pasta is ready, place it in the bottom of the pot.
Add a layer of tuna on top of the pasta, if you want to include it.
Then add the vegetables in layers of colour on top of the tuna.
Put the pasta salad pots in the fridge until you are ready for your picnic!

A picnic on a table

Easy and Healthy Coleslaw

What is a picnic without a side of coleslaw? Sometimes, store-bought coleslaw is slathered in mayonnaise and can feel unhealthy and instead, you may require something a bit lighter for your family picnic.

Fortunately, you can make this quick and healthy version that serves six people!


½ white cabbage
2 carrots
½ onion
2 tbsp mayonnaise
6 tbsp plain yoghurt
½ tsp Dijon mustard


Start by combining the mayonnaise, yoghurt and mustard.
Greate the cabbage, carrots and onion.
Mix the vegetables with the dressing, and you’re good to go!

Watermelon Sticks

This is a fun twist on watermelon slices that is easy to cut, providing the right size for little ones to dig into!


A watermelon!


Cut the melon in half.
With one half of the melon, place it flesh side down so it is stable. Cut across it for 1 inch thick slices.
Then cut the other way in 1-2 inch thick slices, so you create a dice-like effect.
This will create stick shapes that are easy to hold and ready to eat on your picnic.

A pink berry smoothie

Super Easy Berry Smoothie

For an energy-boosting and tasty drink, smoothies are perfect for keeping the family happy on a picnic. This recipe is straightforward and serves four people!


450g fat-free strawberry yoghurt
450g frozen mixed berries (whichever you prefer)
100ml milk
2 tsp honey
25g porridge oats


Simply put the yoghurt, milk and frozen berries in a blender until smooth.
Pop in the porridge oats if you desire and finish with a drizzle of honey for taste!
Keep refrigerated until your picnic or pour into a thermos to keep cool.

We hope to have inspired you with some fun but easy picnic food ideas to enjoy as a family as the weather starts to warm! What kind of snack will you be taking on your picnic this spring? Why not share your ideas on our social media channels; we would love to hear about them!

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