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... workshops, courses, meetings galore!

Lent term has seen St Peters staff venturing out on IAPs District meetings, participating in an INSET session oncoaching anattending a series of staff training opportunities on My Reading Journeyand My Maths Journey. We have also received training by our brilliant Head of Co-curricular, Mrs. Tyson, on how to book the perfect trip/visit/residential. All within the space of 15 work days!

It is crucial for our staff to continue their own professional development if we are to understand and implement all things teaching and learning in the best way possible.

We have a Drama expo to attend later in the term and Computing training on Purple Mash (this is an awardwinning website foschool children). Today, myself and Dr. Evans (Head of Sciences and Assessment Coordinator) are being hosted at Taunton School foa day focused onRaising Academic Standards through Outstanding Teaching and Learning’.

Along with other delegates, we will listen to nationally acclaimed Science trainer, John Medlicott. I am sure we will magpie’ plenty of ideas to implement with our pupils. You never stop learning as a teacherThe logistics of organising this training (whilst the school is alive and pulsing) is complicated, to say the least and reminded me of aimage I collected a few weeks ago…

Here is 5DE learning about vibration with Miss Hoare. This sums up the complicated web of arranging training and then cover for that training despite the work and communication that it takes to arrange – it is still very much worth it.

As my (nearly completed) Teaching and Learning policy stressesit is clever teaching that ignites the difference in a pupil’s learning…but it is the pupil’learning that ignites the clever teaching.

Teaching and Learning go hand in hand.

I remind you of the very first image I shared this academic year:

I have learned that it is very difficult to write down, into a policy, exactly what we do within our Teaching and Learning here at SPeters. However, this is nowhere near as challenging as actually implementing top-quality Teaching and Learning genuinely in thclassroom. It takes highly trained professionals to do this within a classroom full of unique human beingwho all learn differently. Whave those professionals in abundance here.

Constant staff training and reflection about our curriculum, its delivery and its outcomes are vital in keeping The St Peters Baccalaureatfresh and relevant for our pupils.

Our most recent staff meeting was run by Mrs. Howard (English Teacher and Learning Success); she prepared us for NationaStorytelling Week (Week 4) and World Book Day (Week 7). For those that do not know, Mrs. Howard was part of the writing team othis years World Book Day resources – YES, nationwide in 2018, her plans, resources and lesson ideas are in use! Arent we lucky to have her as our English teacher?

And finally, whilst on late stayers, I spied upon these twYear 2 pupils; curled up, warm and cosy in the Learning Hub. Oblivious tphones ringing, doors banging or adults talking and totally absorbed in the books of their choice. This bodes well for National Storytelling weeparticipation. Our children LOVE their enrichment experiences and this week promises to be a fine example of St Peters at its best.

When Mrs. Johnston first arrived she talked about creating a place for the children a hub of information – a place that you could never stop learning inI think we might have just created that space.

L. Ball, Deputy Head of Teaching & Learning

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