The Eight Best Educational Apps For Children

In recent times, students, parents and teachers alike have become acutely aware of how every environment is an opportunity within which to learn. When many of us were asked to stay at home, living rooms were converted into classrooms as e-learning became the new normal.

As a leading prep school based in Devon, we understand how integrating technology is crucial for a child’s educational experience. As with all great pursuits in life, balance is key, and there are many apps that you can utilise to enhance their learning whilst ensuring they take breaks from screens too.

Check out some of our favourite educational apps below!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is considered one of the leading educational apps. It offers content created by education professionals in key subjects such as science, maths, English, history and many more.

The library of over 6,500 instructional videos is suitable for ages 2-18 years old and, whilst these resources are free, donations help them continue doing their excellent work! Note that it is an American-based app, so some of the content won’t be tailored to a British audience.

Apps for Reading – Reading Eggs

When it comes to encouraging your child to read, vibrant animations, engaging content and rewards for their progress are all beneficial! The ‘eggsperts’ at Reading Eggs have created the ideal balance of educational and fun content to practise comprehension, spelling, phonics and core reading skills. Suitable for ages 2-13. £6.99 per month.

Language Apps – Duolingo Kids

Perhaps you’re a linguistic whizz and have tried out Duolingo for yourself. From the creators of the most popular language-learning app worldwide comes a kid-friendly version of this household name.

This handy app breaks down languages into bite-size chunks and helps reinforce vocabulary, grammar and spelling skills. What’s more, the core package is free, and progress is easy to track.

Children’s Apps for Maths – Dragonbox

If you want to get your child excited about arithmetic, algebra, and even chess, give Dragonbox a try. This series of games featuring friendly ‘nooms’ allows your child to practise visual-spatial awareness through puzzles.

The creator of this app describes it as ‘a unique game that allows kids to play and interact with numbers in a completely new way so that they can level up a strong number sense.’ It’s suitable for ages 4+, and prices start from £4.

Apps for ​​History – The History of Everything

Have you ever been asked the seemingly rhetorical question, ‘but why?’ Well, you can now answer some of those questions that budding historians ask!

The History of Everything provides a historical overview of events from the Big Bang onwards in a clear, linear way so your child can see how and why certain events took place. It’s also free!

At St Peter’s Prep, we love to see children thriving inside and outside of the classroom. We believe balance is key when it comes to a comprehensive education.

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