All children are encouraged to write creatively, and to experience and enjoy a wide variety of poetry and literature.

Your child will develop the confidence to express ideas and opinions happily and enthusiastically, both orally and on paper. Children read and write using a broad range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

In Year 5 the pupils take English Speaking Board examinations.

Here is a poem written by a girl in Year 7:

The Fight

Trickling water, sweet as the tinkling of a bell.

The sun gazes into the river,

which dutifully reflects the blinding image.

Dippers bobbing near the rocks like buoys on the sea.

Kingfishers flitting about, a blue blur against the glittering green of trees.

The willow tree caresses the sparkling water

as it modestly hangs its head.

The green plants are hunched over,

sleeping on the river bed.

Yet just around the corner, there is a different feel.

The rocks desperately try to hold it back, but to no avail.

The trees spread their branches over the river

like hands clasping in desperate grip,

warning it of the strange magic ahead.

The water is as scaled as a dragon’s back

as it is summoned towards the jurassic track.

The grey clouds watch this water fight itself

Crowding in to get a better view.


According to our March 2020 ISI Inspection Report:

Pupils read extensively and express themselves fluently, both verbally and in written form, using advanced vocabulary for their age.