Reception, Years 1-2

Where little learners blossom

Small classes, specialist teachers, & creativity

The Pre-prep at St Peter’s is Nursery (from age 3), Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.
St Peter’s pre-prep in Devon teaches in small classes, and all pre-prep children have subject specialist teachers in music, games, PE. and French.

Beach School and Forest School have regular slots on the timetable. A bespoke, individual reading programme starts in Nursery and all children are encouraged to read daily.

We deeply value the opportunity to help our pupils flourish in the creative arts. Each student learns the recorder from an early age to develop their musical skills, and we have a large space devoted to dance and theatrical performance.

In terms of sports, pupils start weekly games lessons with both boys and girls being taught the basics of rugby, cricket, football, netball, athletics and hockey. Swimming lessons for Pre-prep take place in our pool in the summer term and at a local pool for the rest of the year.

Your child’s academic journey

Unlocking potential

Children are allowed to learn in a variety of ways, including through exploration and research, breaking down subject boundaries and acquiring a mix of knowledge and skills.

St Peter’s Prep paves the way for long-lasting success and academic excellence in a friendly, caring, yet ambitious environment, resulting in children achieving considerably beyond national expectations.

“Pupils make rapid progress throughout the school and achieve advanced levels of attainment for their age.”

Outdoor learning

Nature's classroom

Each Pre-prep classroom has its own garden and opens directly onto extensive green fields, adventure playgrounds and open spaces.

This rural environment is fantastic for mental and physical development and allows children to enjoy plenty of exercise as well as have a place for creative and messy play.

Pupils in Years 1 & 2 have gardening areas beside their classrooms. Reception children attend Beach School and all pupils make the most of our Forest School, woodland and pond area. Many lessons will take place outside when conditions allow, including music, drama, science, humanities, art and, naturally, PE.

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