The teaching of history is at the core of the curriculum programme followed at St Peter’s.

This is demonstrated by the fact that in the senior school, Year 5 pupils, for example, have been studying Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo in English to link with their History topic, World War II. The children were shocked to arrive back to class after break to an air-raid siren. They were hurried into a bomb shelter, where they huddled together in candlelight, listening to the sounds of the bombs going off outside. After a while, the ‘all clear’ whistle blew, and they moved back to their ‘house’ to see the damage.

Meanwhile, Year 4 children visited Montacute House in Somerset where they carried out a range of Tudor activities including:

  • a house tour (incorporating rooms not accessible to the general public
  • writing with quill pens
  • examining Tudor costumes
  • exploring the formal gardens
  • completing architectural drawings.