Our aim is for your child to attain a high standard in numeracy and in a range of other mathematical skills that are required in later life.

Lessons encompass written and mental arithmetic, algebra, geometry and measure, as well as data handling. Your children’s investigative and problem-solving capacity is developed through carefully designed tasks.

Reception used the newly-painted number square in the playground to do some human maths! The children revised and explored the language and skills of addition (more, plus, add, total, altogether, etc.) and subtraction (less, fewer, subtract, minus, etc). Then the Reception class waved goodbye to Oliver as he is subtracted from the number square, so that they understood that 19 – 1 = 18.

According to our March 2020 ISI Inspection Report:

Pupils use numbers naturally in every aspect of their work, from counting in Nursery to graphs and calculations in project work for science and geography. They feel exceptionally well supported with regard to the acquisition of their numeracy skills.