Personal, social, health & citizenship education

Pupils explore a wide range of skills and topics, taking the opportunity to build on their understanding of their place in the world. They discuss the rights and responsibilities that they and others have.

For example, we arrange for Fire Safety Officers for Devon to visit school and teach Year 2 children how to ‘stop, drop and roll’, as well as discovering many important aspects of keeping safe around hot objects in their home. The importance of never playing with matches and always telling an adult if something hot is too close is stressed.

Year 5 is also visited by Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. They learn what to do in the case of a fire in their home, how to contact the emergency services and what to do if their clothing catches fire. The children are reminded to learn their full address and postcode in case they ever need to make an emergency 999 call!

According to our March 2020 ISI Inspection Report:

The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent.