A knowledge and love of science is key to understanding our place in the world. Science is about having fun!

Discovering answers to the questions ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ – and wanting to find out even more – sets up a child for a career of achievement. The combination of practical experience and inquisitive learning helps the children to make informed and responsible decisions, in science and in other areas of their lives.

This piece was written by a Year 6 boy after the Science Dome visit at St Peter’s:

“On the 21 February we took off our shoes and hopped into a different place – that place was our digestive system. We learnt all about the route our food travels down into our bodies. First we chew. This is where one of the girls mushed up some food with her hands. This then goes into our stomach and then into our small intestine which can be up to 8m long! After this it moves into the large intestine and finally into the rectum where it waits and waits until we poop it out of our anus. This was so fun and everybody enjoyed it!”

According to our March 2020 ISI Inspection Report:

Year 6 pupils demonstrate very advanced detailed knowledge and understanding as they explain their findings, in topics such as the structure and action of skeletal muscle cells or white blood cells, reaction times, or the iron content of breakfast cereals.