Boarding is a wonderful adventure in fun and independence. Children embrace opportunities to spend more time with their friends and experience new activities. Prep is supervised and followed by dinner. After dinner activities such as hide and seek, swimming and den building take place at school, with other activities such as ringo-ing, climbing and scuba diving taking place off site.

Boarding is a very attractive option for our parents as well as an alternative to a babysitter at home, with Friday nights being particularly popular.

St Peter’s offers a flexi-boarding option, as well as weekly boarding, for children in Year 3 and above.

Welcome to the Boarding House
The boarding house at St Peter’s is often full to capacity with flexi-boarders because of the exciting evening activities on offer. Activities include:

  • ringoing on the estuary
  • iBounce trampolining
  • unique cycling experience at the Welsh National Velodrome
  • scuba diving and platform diving experiences
  • camp fire and marshmallows
  • secret location night hikes
  • girls’ pamper nights
  • theatre and cinema trips
  • Plymouth Raiders’ Basketball coaching clinic
  • and much more…

In whatever capacity your child becomes part of the boarding community at St Peter’s, the whole experience will play an invaluable part in their education and wider personal development.

Rob Parker


Second half of 2021 Autumn term’s boarding activities.


You can download a copy of our parents’ boarding handbook here and the pupils’ boarding handbook here.

In the opinion of one of our Year 7 pupils:

The boarding is amazing because there are so many things to do each night.

According to our March 2020 ISI Inspection Report:

Many pupils enjoy the flexi-boarding experience. All parents of boarders who responded to the questionnaires asserted that boarding had supported both their child's progress and personal development.